18 November 2014

13 November 2014


This was also Gavin's first year playing soccer. It took Gavin a few games to realize he couldn't just stand in one spot and kick the ball once when it happened to come near him. But once he caught the vision, there was no stopping him. There are no goalies in Gavin's league, and he takes full advantage of that fact. Gavin scores goal after goal until, always a gentleman, he decides he's scored enough for that game. Then he commits himself to setting up easy goals for this teammates. 

I, of course, stand on the sidelines screaming for Gavin to crush the other team like bugs. He's too classy a guy to listen to me, but also a classy enough guy that he forgives my embarrassing behavior and still comes to hug me at the end each game. I think he gets it from Nic, who loves me enough that he sits next to me during all these games and only occasionally hints that I should tone it down.

Yea, Gavin!

12 November 2014


This was Sebastian's first year playing soccer. It was a rough start because he had zero experience (meaning zero ball handling skill) and was playing on a team with a number of very experienced players. We're so proud of him, though, because he never stopped trying and working hard. By the end of the season, Sebastian was a valuable member of his team. He had a ton of fun and is already excited to play again next season.
Sorry about the blurry shot. I get so hyped up with adrenaline during the games that it's hard to hold the camera still. I have the makings of a fierce soccer mom.

Sebastian plays goalie at least half of every game. He's incredibly fearless, throwing himself on top of the ball regardless of the number of kids kicking at it with all their might. One wonders if this fearlessness will continue after he (inevitably) gets kicked in the head one of these days. But for now, he's a great goalie and he loves it.

Hooray, Sebastian! 

09 November 2014

Weekending: Orienteering at Coon Bluff

So I'm totally getting into the sport of orienteering. It's a big, crazy race with maps and compasses and hidden treasures. We've attended a handful of orienteering events as guests, but finally bit the bullet and joined our local orienteering club. I think it was good karma because this weekend Team Hoskins finally completed an entire course, locating all the hidden markers (called "controls" by those of us cool enough to be in the know) before the boys mutinied and demanded to be taken home. Score!

03 November 2014

Another successful year of Halloween-ing! If by "successful" one means that the kids brought home loads of candy that they couldn't eat due to food allergies, and Nic and I got to gorge ourselves for days and days, guilt-free. And that is absolutely my definition of "success."
Sebastian wore an Ezra Bridger costume. The packaging the costume came in would have me believe that Ezra Bridger was a character in Star Wars, but I've seen Star Wars, people, and there was no one named Ezra Bridger. Gavin went as Ironhide, a Transformer I've never heard of. Perhaps the time has come for me to re-watch some of these kid movies/shows.

Nic's pumpkin. He's an over-achiever.

Ellen's pumpkin.

Gavin's pumpkin.

Sebastian's pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!

24 February 2014

Coexisting at a Safe Distance

This is about as close as Bindi allows Tember to get.  And given Tember's licky nature, I don't blame her.